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In the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi – a lawyer in Dubai – we are interested in attracting young and ambitious talents to enrich our office with broad and different specializations from lawyers in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

If you find these specifications in yourself, do not hesitate to contact us when opening the door for employment to be a practical part of the office of Younis Muhammad Al Balushi, a lawyer in Dubai. Email: info@bestlawfirmae.com

Careers at Younis Mohammed Al Balushi office.

The job opportunities available from time to time in the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi include different and varied legal specializations. They are also available for luxury lawyers, fresh graduates, and legal advisors.

We usually offer job opportunities in our office to lawyers from the following specializations:

  • A personal status lawyer.

Personal status law lawyers provide legal services and advice on issues such as marriage to a foreigner, divorce, alimony, child custody, inheritance, and succession. In a lawyer’s office in Dubai, we are always looking for lawyers who are well-versed in the UAE Personal Status Law and its details and updates for citizens and expatriates to the UAE.

  • Real estate lawyer.

In the office of Younis Muhammad Al Balushi, we handle real estate cases for a large number of clients. We also provide legal consulting services to real estate companies. Therefore we constantly strive to provide our staff with distinguished real estate lawyers who have a good experience or seek to gain experience in the legal profession with all seriousness and passion.

  • Cybercrime Lawyer.

With the development of the Web and the Internet, weak-minded people have taken advantage of this field to commit crimes aimed at threatening, extorting, defaming reputation, or attacking intellectual property rights in all its forms.

And because we, in the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi – a lawyer in Dubai – aim to serve all categories of clients, we always insist on having an expert lawyer in cybercrime cases.

Not only that, but we inform our clients engaged in other instances of the possibility of having a lawyer for information crime cases to avoid any inconvenience they may be exposed to via the Internet. This prompts us to request the permanent employment of a cybercrime lawyer.

  • Corporate Lawyer.

We are interested in hiring a corporate lawyer for company meetings with other companies and drafting the company contracts accurately with the help of a lawyer specialized in contracts.

  • Lawyers for various contracts.

We constantly require the employment of skilled lawyers in drafting contracts and legal agreements in all their forms to cover all the requirements of our clients so that the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi – a lawyer in Dubai – will always remain the best, as everyone has known inside and outside the UAE.

  • Lawyer for fraud and fraud cases.

Recently, many networks have spread that aim to push residents in the UAE to invest their money through digital currencies or buy fictitious shares. Such offers are often promoted via phone calls. In the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, we have available positions for lawyers specializing in fraud and fraud cases in various ways.

  • Labor lawyer.

The UAE is a prosperous country in terms of employment, so it is necessary to have a lawyer who is an expert in labor cases, job damage cases, collection of end-of-service benefits, claims of negligence in work, and issues of termination of employment contracts.

  • Trainee lawyers.

The office of a lawyer in Dubai is keen to attract new graduate lawyers, to train and qualify them to the fullest so that they become professional lawyers in our office and can carry out all the tasks required of them.

The keenness of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Law Firm to train and qualify new lawyers stems from the firm’s vision that the newly graduated lawyer who will be introduced with us will carry the firm’s values and principles and will have a better understanding of the firm’s policy and legal objectives.

  • Legal advisors.

We need to hire legal consultants to provide legal advice. We are keen to be among the best legal advisors in the United Arab Emirates and are highly familiar with the laws of the Emirates.

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