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Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the Lawyer in Dubai website affiliated with the office of Lawyer Younis Mohammed Al Balushi. The terms and conditions page of our website explains well the terms of your use of the site to ensure understanding, and it is transparent so that it suits all types of site visitors.

Parties to the agreement.

  • The Terms and Conditions Agreement is established between two parties, the user of the Lawyer in Dubai website and the site owner.
    • The first party: the owner of the website who is a lawyer in Dubai, and the controller of the data of this website is the office of lawyer Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, whose geographical location is in:

Sobha Ivory 1 – Al Amal St – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Show on the map.
Mobile: +971 58 998 4123
Website: bestlawfirmae.com
Email: info@bestlawfirmae.com

When words like “we” or “us” are mentioned, they refer to our lawyer in Dubai _ Younis Mohammed Al Balushi.

    • The secondary: the user of the website referred to by words such as: “us,” “you,” or “your” in these terms and conditions.
  • Your use of this site and access to it each time is subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. You fully agree to all these terms and conditions through your use of this site and are obligated to comply with them.
  • You are also responsible for all persons who use your internet connection to access Our site to be aware of these terms and conditions, and they agree to be bound by them as well.

NoteIfat: If you wish to avoid being bound by these terms and conditions of the Lawyer in Dubai website, you must cut off your access to this site and terminate your use immediately.

Privacy policy.

Lawyer in Dubai _Younis Muhammad Al Balushi_ website is committed to ensuring the privacy and integrity of f information provided by our website use; please see our privacy policy on the privacy policy page.

Intellectual property rights.

  1. Your access as a user to our lawyer in Dubai website and the information and articles published within t does not give you as a user any authority or intellectual rights to the data or information of the lawyer in Dubai _Younis Muhammad Al Balushi_ website.
  2. All trademarks, logos, the name of the office, and all information that falls under the intellectual property rights contained in the site are reserved to Lawyer in Dubi.
  3. Any legal information on the site is the private and exclusive property of the Lawyer in Dubi unless it is an explicit legal text in the United Arab Emirates or other countries.
  4. The copyright of any information contained on the site is owned by the office of lawyer Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, and the user of the site undertakes to use it only after obtaining the prior approval of our site.

Website content.

By content, we mean the information on this site or any electronic group affiliated with it, which is general legal information provided by the lawyer in Dubai website affiliated with the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi.

Through the information we provide on our website, we intend to maintain the importance of consulting and hiring a lawyer to follow up on your case. Younis Mohammed Al Balushi’s office is always ready to take on all pending and complex issues.

Links and ads.

  1. The lawyer in Dubai website _Younis Mohammed Al Balushi_ provides hyperlinks to other legal websites that third parties operate. We encourage the user to value links that are useful to him.
  2. The provisions of these terms and conditions do not apply to third-party websites, as the Lawyer in Dubai website is not responsible for updating these sites or verifying their information.
  3. You can link to our lawyer in Dubai website only after you comply with these conditions:
    • That the matter is done fairly and legally and does not harm the reputation of the lawyer website in Dubai _Younis Mohammed Al Balushi_ or our law firm.
    • You cannot create a link on your site to our site in a way that indicates that we agree to that if we do not, and this will expose you to legal accountability from us.
    • The site that requests a link with our site must comply with our content standards, which must be updated continuously.

If you wish to use any content on our website other than as described above, please get in touch with our lawyer in Dubai at any time via email: info@bestlawfirmae.com

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