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top law firms in uae

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Whether you seek legal advice or a business seeking representation, finding the top law firms in UAE  can make all the difference in achieving your legal goals.

Regarding the UAE, rest assured that there’s a thriving legal industry here. With many top law firms ready to help you succeed.

In today’s article, we will look at the best law firms, their specialties, their contact information, and any notable achievements or distinguishing factors that make them a suitable choice for you.

If you need legal help, contact the office of  Younis Mohammed Al Balushi. Click here to contact them via Whatsapp. Address: Sobha Ivory 1 – Al Amal St – Business Bay – Dubai. Phone number: 00971589984123.

Top law firms in UAE.

  1. Younis Mohammed Al Balushi.

Our first choice for best law firms in UAE is Attorney Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Advocates and Legal Consultants.

It is a well-known law firm based in the United Arab Emirates.

The firm provides legal services in various areas, including civil and commercial law, criminal law, labor law, intellectual property, real estate, and arbitration.

Mr. Younis Mohammad Al Balushi is a veteran lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

He has earned a law degree from the UAE university. And completed many high-profile professional development courses and other forms of legal training.

The firm is committed to providing high-quality legal advice and representation. And its ability to handle complex legal matters professionally and efficiently.

Reach out to Mr. Younis through the following:

  1. BR Law Firm Lawyers.

BR Law Firm Lawyers is another top choice for skilled legal expertise.

It offers various services, including corporate structuring, company incorporation, drafting and reviewing contracts, intellectual property protection, debt recovery, and dispute resolution.

  1. Saif Al Shamsi Advocates Legal Consultants.

Founded by Saif Al Shamsi. A highly experienced lawyer has been practicing law in the UAE for over two decades.

Legal services offered by the firm include corporate law, commercial law, dispute resolution, construction law, real estate law, and intellectual property law.

  1. Abdelaziz Al Zaabi Advocates Legal Consultants.

Founded by Abdelaziz Al Zaabi, a highly experienced lawyer practicing law in the UAE for over 20 years.

Their services include corporate law, commercial law, banking and finance, construction law, real estate law, and dispute resolution.

  1. Al Banna Advocates Legal Consultants

Founded by Ibrahim Al Banna, who has assembled a team of highly qualified legal experts. Al Banna firm is an excellent choice if you have diverse legal needs and want a fast consultancy handling your problems.

Common questions about top law firms in UAE.

Generally speaking, corporate lawyers are some of the highest-paid types of lawyers in the world. They are lawyers who work for large companies and handle legal matters related to business transactions. They can earn high salaries, with some senior partners at large law firms earning over $1 million per year.
According to data from the salary comparison website, PayScale, the average salary for a lawyer in the UAE is around AED 212,500 to AED 435,000 per year. Lawyers' salary in UAE varies depending on the type of law firm, the lawyer's level of experience, and the location within the UAE.

In Summary:

We’ve gone over 5 of the top law firms in UAE.

Different firms provide different benefits depending on where you live, what kind of services you’re looking for, and your budget. Always have a game plan in place before seeking legal advice or consultancy.

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بقلم المستشار القانوني

Legal Consultant in the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi. A legal Consultant with a degree in law and has many legal research and articles that have been published in the most important international fields concerned with legal affairs. Such as: - Journal of the seminar for legal studies. - International Legal Journal. - Journal of Political Science and Law. He also has several case studies and cases in different disciplines: international law, criminal law, civil transaction law, commercial transaction law, and so on.The legal advisor at Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Advocates and Legal Consultants has many years of experience and a long experience in pleading before the Dubai Courts and the various courts of the United Arab Emirates.

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