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law firms in uae

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law firms in uae

Law firms in uae are commonly sought by individuals who are facing a situation that requires expertise in a specific field, such as law. For drug cases, commercial cases, military cases, or inheritance cases, you would do well to look for someone or something with extensive knowledge in those areas.

Because there are so many legal loopholes that are liable to get you into trouble if you do not consult a lawyer in the first instance, you end up facing this problem you had.

You are informed that if you want someone to correct the mistakes you made or failed to make while you were in Dubai, then you should contact one of the best law firms in uae, Lawyer Al Balooshi’s legal office.

Let’s take a minute to explain the legal services that we offer at the legal office of Al Balooshi, and how we can assist you with some of the aspects. You can visit the about us page on our website to find out more about us.

Law firms in uae

  • Our goal at the firm of Al Balooshi is to make our clients’ problems our first priority and to listen to them thoroughly, carefully, and in an honest manner in order to provide the best and most comprehensive legal consultation and service possible.
  • The office of lawyer Al Balooshi has become a top-rated law firm in Dubai because of its high quality and performance of law-matter solutions.
  • Our team is composed of highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers with a breadth of knowledge and experience of both government departments and local laws and regulations, as well as the means to enforce those laws and regulations. Since we have earned this reputation, we have successfully served both local and international clients in the best way possible.
  • By working together as a team in a positive manner and with the principles of co-operation leaders, we have been able to reach a new level of growth, which has motivated us in order to continue working for people and society in a positive manner.
  • A combination of a deep understanding of the business, a high level of service, and expert legal advice has made the firm a world leader in its field. The full range of legal services we provide to our clients include legal consultations, mediation, and arbitration. Further, we provide information and advice on corporate restructuring and mergers to businesses operating in the UAE and abroad.
  • It goes without saying that a team of highly skilled lawyers is employed at Al BalooshiLaw Firm in Dubai, to provide premier legal representation to businesses and individuals.
  • Being one of the top law firms in uae, we offer help and assistance to our customers on a regular basis, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and become part of our family.

Lawyers in Dubai

  • No lawyer, regardless of his or her legal specialization, can practice law in the United Arab Emirates without being licensed by the Ministry of Justice, according to the regulations and laws governing the legal profession. Why are law firms so important in the United Arab Emirates? What are the largest law firms in Dubai?
  • One of the largest law firms in uae and Dubai is Attorney Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants, one of the offices that have gained fame and trust among clients throughout the United Arab Emirates during their long years of operation.
  • Despite great efforts made by the firm’s team and its cadre of lawyers and consultants, Lawyer Abdullah Al Balooshi Law Firm was classified among the largest law firms in Dubai based on the great efforts made by the firm’s leadership and team members to raise the profile of the firm and make it one of the United Arab Emirates’ largest law firms.
  • Moreover, it is to be noted that all expert lawyers, legal advisors, other lawyers trained in the relevant field and administrative staff work in an integrated manner to assist clients in achieving their desires and to help them achieve their goals in accordance with the laws and constitutions of the United Arab Emirates in a legally enforceable and compliant manner.
  • According to the testimony of clients, and in accordance with the law firm Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants’ motto, their main objective is to satisfy clients, help them overcome their legal problems, and get their rights, all the while providing them with the necessary legal advice to help them end their cases in their favor.
  • According to their motto, their main motive is to provide their clientele with the appropriate legal advice which will enable them to win their legal cases in their favor and gain the client’s trust. It was our pleasure to provide them with the distinguished services that they needed in our office.
  • It is imperative that you go to the largest law firms in Dubai if you are facing commercial problems that require legal intervention in order to help you recover your losses, or you are the owner of a company and you and the owner of another company disagree on the terms of a contract.
  • There is no better office to search for a good lawyer who provides you with the best legal services in Dubai than Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants If you are looking for law firms in uae that can help you and guide you to resolve your judicial problem quickly and skillfully, then you won’t find a better office than Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants.
  • Our firm has a team of distinguished lawyers and a fantastic team of legal advisors, as well as a group of trained lawyers and a number of administrative staff who are ready to assist you if needed. Attorney Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants in the United Arab Emirates boasts a team of dedicated lawyers and a wonderful group of legal advisors in addition to a group of graduates as well as a number of attorneys trained to provide legal services.

Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

  • In Abu Dhabi, Lawyer Al Balooshi has an office-a branch from the top law firms in uae- where all of his clients and a large number of their customers are satisfied and accepted.
  • In order to achieve the client’s interest quickly and efficiently, lawyer Al Balooshi harnesses his legal expertise and high efficiency.
  • The case is studied transparently during the case’s various stages and before accepting it.
  • Additionally, it strives to provide its clients with a high level of legal service.
  • By regularly contacting clients on an ongoing basis, he is able to manage the cases entrusted to him and manage them effectively.
  • Providing them with the latest information and details about legal proceedings and decision making.
  • We also create and implement new and effective non-traditional techniques to assist in the settlement of any dispute, whether it be commercial, labor, or other in nature.

Abu Dhabi lawyers are responsible for:

  • Criminal cases:

Criminal cases are cases which are considered to be serious because they include a number of circumstances which can sometimes result in the death penalty, such as:

Assaults and murders, drug abuse or trafficking, theft, and other instances in which an attorney must be appointed to assist the client with legislative and judicial solutions as needed.

  • Commercial cases:

bank cases and checks: It is common for individuals and businesses to engage in disputes for the purposes of protecting their financial, legal, or in-kind positions.

There is a wide range of commercial transactions, as well as those related to companies, banks, and other organizations.

If you are in this city of Abu Dhabi, you may be wondering whether you need an attorney who is specialized in these types of cases, as there are many and many legal regulations in such cases.

Providing valuable legal advice through research and accuracy, as well as helping to understand the legal situation and preserving rights, it has a high capacity for research and accuracy.

  • Labor cases:

We take care of cases related to labor disputes that have been dealt with by the UAE Labor Court.

Whether the worker or employer is involved, the labor court decides cases concerning labor law in accordance with the law that guarantees their rights.

  • Personal Status Issues:

At the Law Office of Al Balooshi, we can assist you in obtaining legal advice.

We provide legal information regarding family matters of all kinds, and we help you to obtain legal information concerning the situation that concerns you and help you to pursue the necessary legal procedures in the various family matters in which you are involved.

Our office presents the services of a good lawyer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, according to an advanced professional mechanism, so please feel free to reach out to us using the number we provided you.

Labour lawyers in uae

287 Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants

اضف تعليق

– Workers or employers in the UAE who face legal problems often turn to  labour lawyers to look for legal advice and representation when facing legal issues in the UAE. It is a fact that Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants prides itself on being an experienced law firm in Dubai that can assist you with resolving your legal issues as you move through the process. Whether it is a case of workplace discrimination or other types of labor law related issues, we can assist you with any type of matter associated with UAE labor law.

– There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing a law firms in uae if you wish to have a successful outcome, which are:

  • In order for the power of attorney to be ratified, both parties must agree to it.
  • Work and practice are prohibited except for those things in which the lawyer is entrusted.
  • There is a contract that specifies the range of the lawyer’s authority in the context of the contract.
  • The client should be aware of the attorney’s fees that he charges in order to make an informed decision.
  • To solve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with the least amount of stress, it is important to hire a knowledgeable lawyer, preferably one with extensive experience and knowledge of law.

– A labor attorney works at Al Balooshi’s office and represents many employees and employers from individuals, companies, and institutions in labor cases that are brought before the competent courts by both the parties concerned with the case. The goal of these cases is to claim and settle the accounts due between the two parties concerned with the case.

– Law firms in uae have to hire a lawyer who represents both employers and workers in labor-related disputes in labor-related court cases, whether they are appeals, judicial cassations or first-instance matters, as well as representing them in settlements of account overdue due to fixed-term or indefinite contracts through the use of experts.

– It is the Labor Lawyer’s responsibility, which the best law firms in uae have signed, to ensure that the workers get their rightful entitlements by reclaiming overdue salaries, claiming unfair dismissal, ensuring that accrued vacations are monitored, and that end of service days and overtime hours are claimed, as well as claiming periodic bonuses, commissions, percentages, and work allowance during official holidays and vacations.

– As a result, the labor case lawyer at Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants has a wealth of practical experience in presenting legal principles and facts in the most effective manner to ensure clients the desired result in any time they may be exposed to such cases as those that can affect workers as well as employers.

– Due to this, the labor lawyer at Al Balooshi Law Firm and Legal Consultation expanded his knowledge and skills related to labor law and labor issues due to his work. As a result of his extensive experience in advising companies and individuals on their legal rights in the field of labor, he is also capable of handling lawsuits and protracted court proceedings on their behalf.

We provided you with about one of the best law firms in UAE and lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, hoping this information has answered some of your questions regarding all topics that have been mentioned,and piece of your curiosity about labour law and lawyers.

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