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Divorce lawyer Dubai expat

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Both spouses can use the services of a divorce lawyer Dubai expat to obtain legal advice that will assist them in finding practical and feasible solutions to terminating their marriage when it is no longer viable to continue.

An expert divorce lawyer in Dubai is essential for clarifying provisions, rights, and duties for each party involved in a divorce.

As well as diversifying the legal implications associated with divorce, including consulting a Dubai divorce lawyer and legally appointing him as the client’s legal representative.

Divorce lawyer Dubai expat.

There are a significant number of divorce procedures for expats of Dubai, which are the following;

  • If one of the spouses does not want to divorce in their country, he or she should register the case with the Family Guidance Department in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • A meeting with the family counselor will be held on the date agreed upon by the spouses. It is mandatory for divorces in the UAE to follow this procedure.
  • Without a legal representative, the divorce lawyer Dubai expat defends his client.
  • Agreeing on a set of points to resolve the divorce amicably.
  • Personal Status Court proceedings are referred if the family counselor cannot agree.
  • The divorce process follows Islamic law when the husband and wife are Muslim and vice versa when the husband and wife are non-Muslim.
  • Dubai divorce lawyers can help both parties get divorced according to their home countries’ laws if they seek a divorce in the UAE using the local court system.
  • All marriage effects, such as alimony, money, and taxes, are governed by the law of the husband’s country if the spouses are of different nationalities. A Dubai divorce lawyer experienced in these processes is necessary in such cases.

Divorce lawyer in UAE.

Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai.

Legal supervision of the divorce procedures organized by the UAE legislature in the provisions stipulated in the guide to strategies for managing personal status law articles in the specialized courts in the Emirate of Dubai is another of the duties of the divorce lawyers at Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai.

UAE legislators created this guide to facilitate and facilitate litigation transactions in personal status matters by the legal norms in force in the Emirate of Dubai and federal laws.
There was a clear explanation of the legal measures required in the following areas:

  • Judges appoint and supervise guidance committees and take their opinions on their work.
  • Reconciliation forms and reconciling spouses: duties of the family counselor.
  • Case management and the judge determined how the estate would be distributed and liquidated according to the best legal methods.
  • In this section, you will find information about child custody, seeing the child in custody, setting dates for communication, and other legal procedures.
  • It is possible to complete a personal status claim in one day.
  • Personal status lawsuit documents are required to be filed with the competent court.

A one-day lawsuit is excluded from the organizational procedures manual for divorce cases that require reconciliation and reconciliation sessions due to the complexity of the issues involved.
The following cases had one-day lawsuits:

  1. dowry.
  2. Expenses and related amounts and performance.
  3. Marital home.
  4. Maintenance of the waiting period and the wife’s residence during it.
  5. Custody and the issues involved in the custodian and the custodian.
  6. Seeing the child-children of custody.

A divorce occurring before a judge was specified in Article No. (36) under the heading “Divorce incurring before a judge”

  • To determine whether divorce is legal, couples must apply according to legal principles to the Family Guidance Committee.
  • This request must specify the nature of the divorce, the number, and the legal type of divorce, including the name of the wife, the date of the marriage contract, and a copy of the agreement. A notice to appear in court is sent to the wife based on this request.
  • The husband must appear with his wife and two witnesses to prove the divorce if he divorces his wife and intends to prove it in court.

Best divorce lawyer in Dubai.

By the end of 2020, statistics showed a divorce rate of approximately 29% between Dubai citizens and residents.

The best law firm in Dubai, Al Balooshi, has experience dealing with this type of case.

Dedicated to providing the necessary assistance, helping clients end the relationship according to the legal frameworks, and collecting their full rights by providing the most potent divorce lawyer, Dubai expat.
Additionally, a Dubai divorce lawyer provides comprehensive legal services regarding all of the following:

  • Initial consultation to discuss the reasons for divorce and the solutions based on the facts of the case.
  • Religion and law both urge arbitration and reconciliation to be divorce lawyers’ first steps.
  • Divorce by mutual consent is defined (khula – dissolution of marriage – separation of all kinds due to illness, damage, discord, backbiting, loss, sterility, or a health condition that prevents the marriage from being concluded or non-performance of the dowry).
  • Assuring the client (husband-wife) that the case is progressing, about the entailed documents, expenses, fees, the time required to finish them, and the legal recommendations arising from the case.
  • Legal memorandums and judicial notices should be drafted to inform the other party of its legal obligations, and litigation procedures should be followed when necessary.

Divorce procedures for citizens in Dubai.

If the parties are citizens or residents of the United Arab Emirates, divorce lawyer Dubai expat follow the following procedures in handling divorce cases on behalf of their clients:

  • Family Guidance Department in Dubai registered a case claim by one of the spouses.
  • A specific date will be set for the spouses to meet with the family counselor. It is mandatory for divorces in the UAE to follow this procedure.
  • Despite the absence of a legal representative, the divorce lawyer Dubai expat defends his client. By agreeing on a set of points.
  • Family counselors will refer cases to the Personal Status Court if they cannot reach an agreement.

Conditions for divorce in the UAE.

A divorce lawyer Dubai expat can provide legal advice and guide the spouses through the divorce process in the UAE. The divorce must meet the following conditions:

  • The Personal Status Court is the only court where a legal divorce case can be filed in the United Arab Emirates.
  • For a divorce to be valid, there must be valid reasons. There is no reason to terminate a marital relationship without good cause, whether these reasons are material, moral, selfish, or out of control.
  • Before a divorce can be finalized, several essential points must be agreed upon by the spouses.

Furthermore, different types of divorces have their own set of conditions, such as a divorce resulting from the husband’s imprisonment and the period of divorce must surpass three years, as well as other conditions related to the type of divorce and its cause.

UAE divorce laws and the rights of the wife.

After the divorce, the wife has rights preserved by UAE law. It stressed the following points in its provisions:

  • Rights to material possessions, as well as rights to moral conduct, are guaranteed.
  • Financial rights.
  • During the divorce, he ensured that she would have the right to custody if there were children between the spouses.
  • Housing, alimony, clothing, and food were also considered during the waiting period.
  • Setting legal conditions for the children’s rights and expenses is imperative.
  • To recover her property from the marital home, a wife must use legitimate legal means.
  • Deferred dowries are the wife’s right, and divorce does not waive them.


One of the most significant costs associated with a divorce is hiring a divorce lawyer Dubai expat. This can vary depending on your location and marital status, but expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. Additionally, if you seek custody of your children or property division, this will add to your legal fees. So it’s essential to research before choosing an attorney and weigh all the pros and cons carefully.

If you go through mediation instead of court proceedings, these costs may be eliminated. However, remember that mediation doesn’t always result in favorable outcomes for either party. Hence, it’s best to consult with an expert beforehand if this is something you’re interested in pursuing.

Also, appearances can take up a significant amount of time and force both parties into lengthy negotiations that could ultimately lead to further financial strain on either party.

Divorce lawyer Dubai expat assists clients in determining the time required to complete divorce cases. Generally speaking, divorce proceedings can extend to several sessions and take months or years, depending on several factors, including: There are no legal problems between the spouses, and divorce is a reality by mutual consent. For a divorce to be granted, the law usually requires a specific period of marriage. Law requires couples to continue their marriage for five years when one of them becomes infertile, for example.

It takes several conditions for the divorce case to reach the final judgment on damage and discord, including: The competent family guidance committee conducts conciliation and reform sessions. Evidence of damage is available from witnesses. Performing medical examinations. Often, judges reject cases because there is no evidence of damage, resulting in an appeal by the plaintiff.

Absolution is when the wife waives her rights to the husband for him to divorce her and end the marriage, and the compensation in the divorce case is also included in the absolution. However, the matter does not appear to be steady in all cases, and the law has paid great attention to the issue of the wife’s rights since it stems primarily from the principle of affirming the right of ownership and imposing justice on society.

Typically the wife who visits the office of a divorce lawyer Dubai expat to receive legal support and recommendations from him, in addition to collecting her dues from him. Among the leading law firms that have pioneered legal transactions and adopted cases for clients, Lawyer Al Balooshi Law Firm and Legal Consultations are one of them.

Aside from representing citizens and residents in UAE divorce proceedings, he handles various issues, including collecting the wife’s financial rights following a divorce. As a Dubai divorce lawyer, Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants is committed to undergoing a legal effort to ensure that the wife’s material rights are restored and to facilitate the collection of appropriate compensation in the event of damage and discord in the divorce.

That is everything you need to know about the best divorce lawyer in Dubai, so when you decide on hiring a lawyer, make sure to contact our office at Al Balooshi law firm, so we can help you with your case and make sure get the best legal representation we can get you. Click here to contact us.

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