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Better get a family dispute lawyer

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In recent years, the number of divorces and families has mainly increased; due to these issues, the need for legal advice and representation in the courts of the UAE has also been in sync.

We will brief you about some legal issues and their conditions; all these legal problems must be handled by a family dispute lawyer, who we gladly can offer you in our office if you reach out to us.

Family dispute lawyer.

lawyer Al Balooshi’s office

The law takes excellent care of families and the issues that arise from them. To comply with what is determined by the Constitution and regulated by the provisions and articles of the law, lawyer Al Balooshi’s office has taken care to have family lawyers and legal advisors specializing in family issues within its legal team.

Among them is a family dispute lawyer in Dubai who has leading experience in the field of legal practice for all the cases mentioned in the article. There have been several chapters of the Personal Status Law in the United Arab Emirates, and several questions have been discussed regarding the family or a member of it.

Accordingly, Lawyer Al Balooshi’s firm serves as a source of legal advice, as well as representing clients in litigation and pleading cases in the following areas:

  • Creating an official contract to consolidate a marriage.
  • Separation and khul’ lawsuits and disputes.
  • Conflicts over marital property.
  • Litigations concerning custody and childcare and the right to visit
  • inheritance disputes.
  • Wills and their legal consequences.Familyamily property dispute lawyer

It can be challenging to know where to turn if you have a family property dispute. We have the best family dispute lawyer in Dubai who can help you resolve the matter quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Family disputes are usually complex as they involve emotions and often money. This is why it’s essential to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the process.

Law Firm Al Balooshi offers a comprehensive range of legal services relating to family disputes. Our lawyers have years of experience resolving matters involving children, marriage and divorce, child custody issues, and inheritance laws. We will carefully consider your case before advising you on the best action.

Theft, fraud, and family property disputes are some common disputes that can happen in your life. If you are not fully aware of the law and do not know how to handle such situations, then you should hire a lawyer in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world, and it has an abundance of lawyers who can help you with your case.

Arbitration in family law.

Arbitration is a process that allows spouses and others to settle disputes out of court. One party files a complaint with the arbitrator, who then decides who will be the judge and who will be the jury. The arbitrator can award compensation for damages, including money, property, or both.

Arbitration rules are governed by the UAE Legal System and Rules of Arbitration, approved by Decree No. 1/2003. The UAE Arbitration Law applies to civil and commercial matters relating to agreements made between an individual and another party that is not governed by Islamic law or any other legal system established by legislation.

The UAE Arbitration Law provides for different types of arbitration:

  • Ad hoc arbitration: Ad hoc arbitration is an arbitration conducted by an agreed-upon procedure and is usually limited to a specific dispute or transaction. It may be used when there is no need for formalities such as those contained in the Rules of Arbitration (for example, when it involves domestic issues).
  • Conciliation refers to attempts by one or both parties involved in a dispute to reach an agreement without litigation. Conciliation proceedings are binding on all parties involved in

In other words, arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that allows a neutral third party to resolve disputes between two parties. In arbitration, the rules of evidence are waived, and an arbitrator rather than a judge makes a decision.

The UAE has a court system including Sharia, civil, and family courts. The Sharia court system applies to Muslims only; other religious minorities have their jurisdiction. Both Sharia and civil courts have similar functions, but they also differ in some ways.

The main difference between them concerns the type of cases they can hear: civil and criminal cases are heard by civil and criminal courts, respectively. In contrast, family matters are listened to by family courts only and represented by family dispute lawyers.

Financial dispute resolution family law.

Suppose you are facing family law issues in Dubai. In that case, first, you can contact our office to assign you to the best family dispute lawyer with great financial resolution experience.

Second, you need to know that there are many ways to resolve them. Some people prefer a traditional court system, while others prefer an arbitration process. In any case, it is essential to understand the differences between each type of dispute resolution before choosing one over another.

The important thing you need to do when dealing with financial disputes is to make sure that you have enough money on hand to cover any costs involved in your case. If you do not have enough money, you may need to get a loan from a bank or other financial institution to pay for legal fees and other expenses related to your situation.

You will also need time and patience as this process can take several months or even years before everything is resolved. When choosing a financial dispute resolution company, they must have experience dealing with these types of cases before being able to help someone else out with theirs.

In most cases, the parties involved are faced with a financial dispute, which means they cannot agree on how to split ownership of property or personal assets. In such cases, we may be able to help you resolve your situation by using the financial dispute resolution family law services offered by our firm.

Our team of lawyers has experience representing clients in all types of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce.
  • Child custody and access disputes.
  • Spousal maintenance disputes.
  • Property division disputes.

In some cases, our lawyers can also assist you with other types of legal issues related to finances, such as:

  • Taxes on retirement plans and other accounts.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Debt collection.

Custody dispute lawyer.

Any legal custody and guardianship problems between the mother and the father can be solved before the court. You can hire a family dispute lawyer from our legal office to help you with the issues you’re facing, no matter what you’ve been told the outcome would be.

/2005/AD for personal status did not answer only when the father takes custody of the daughter. Child custody was also a delicate topic discussed in the book. Involves the biological mother as custodian and the father as the child’s guardian.

Mothers usually receive custody of their children by the father’s guardianship right, which includes day-to-day care of the child. In all cases, the father is responsible for the financial support of his children because he is responsible for providing housing insurance, food expenses, and anything related to education, medical care, and other necessities.

The law also considered custody and guardianship separate issues, as each is dealt with individually. In addition, the law states that the division of the responsibilities of the child is not equal between the parents in the UAE.

Our question cannot be answered accurately when the father takes custody of the girl since the court places the child’s interests first. No matter what gender the child is, this is in the child’s best interest. In a custody dispute, the mother is entitled to custody.

Until the child’s interests are served by a decision that differs from the judges. The texts of the Federal Law are not over yet, as stated in Article /156/ regarding the age of custody. The mother’s custody is valid until 11/11 years for a male and 13/13 years for a female.

Also, on this point, he pointed out that if the court decided to extend the custody age in the children’s interest, it could do so. It is up to the father to request custody of his child when the male reaches puberty or the woman marries.

After we have clarified the father’s and mother’s rights to custody and when the father takes control of the daughter, an important point remains to be addressed in this paragraph.

Arranging those responsible for child custody.

When does the father take custody of the girl? This question will lead us to arrange for those responsible for the custody of the child to see that it is as follows:

  1. The mother.
  2. The father.
  3. Then to the mother’s mother, though higher.
  4. Followed by the father’s mother, though higher.
  5. Then the full sister, the maternal sister, and the paternal sister.
  6. Full Sister’s daughter.
  7. Then the daughter of the sister to the mother.
  8. Then the aunts in the order mentioned in the sisters.
  9. Then the daughter of the sister to the father.
  10. Then the brother’s daughters in the above order.
  11. Then Aunts in the same order, followed by mother’s maternal aunts, father’s maternal aunts, mother’s aunts, and father’s aunts in order.

In case there is no female available from the women mentioned above, or non of them are eligible for custody. The custody is transferred in the arrangement of inheritance entitlement, with the grandfather prioritizing the brothers.

In the absence of any of these, the right to custody is transferred to the child’s mahrams, who are not men of association, in the following order: Maternal grandfather, then maternal brother, later maternal nephew, followed by the uncle from a mother.

And later, the maternal uncles, with priority to the full maternal uncle, then the maternal uncle from a father, then the maternal uncle from a mother. An individual who is not considered from the mahrams of the child, whether he or she is male or female, generally cannot be awarded custody.

The mother and the father may request that the children join him if they dispute. Suppose the mother leaves the marital home, even if the marriage exists between them. The judge decides on the request in the interest of the foster children, but a family dispute lawyer can help you benefit from the result to your advantage.


For reasons like Theft, Fraud, and Family Property Disputes.

It is considered theft if someone steals from your home or office, and if someone steals your business, it is considered fraud. In both cases, you will need an experienced lawyer from Dubai who can help with your issue and protect your rights.

Furthermore, if the deceased person makes no will in his lifetime, there may be disputes regarding his/her property among his/her family members after death. This situation creates many problems for families and sometimes results in legal fights. Therefore, hiring a lawyer from Dubai would be highly beneficial if you want to avoid such situations at any cost.

Arbitration is a process that allows spouses and others to settle disputes out of court. One party files a complaint with the arbitrator, who then decides who will be the judge and who will be the jury. The arbitrator can award compensation for damages, including money, property, or both.

Article /147/ was an answer to that, as it stated that in the absence of parents.

The judge selects the most suitable relative of the child under custody because he refused custody of the children entitled to it. Perhaps from others or an institution qualified to do so.

Now you know what a family dispute lawyer can do to answer any case brought upon his hands, so if you are facing any situation that requires legal representation, don’t hesitate to call us and give us the details of what you’re dealing with to help you with the top outcome. Click here to contact us.

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