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Best Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

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Since the UAE aims to eliminate criminal crimes, it pays great attention to criminal law, just like civil and Judiciary in Dubai, is subject to multiple guidelines, is governed by various rules, and follows strict provisions. There are specific characteristics of a criminal trial that only a lawyer in Dubai understands, which revolve around basic principles.

Mohammed Al Balushi Company in Dubai provides all legal advice regarding criminal law and others, with experience exceeding thirty years. Due to this, if you are facing any criminal case, you should read this article about the best criminal lawyers in Dubai.

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Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai.

As defined by UAE law, a criminal case is initiated by a judicial institution in response to socially sanctioned behavior. Comparatively to civil cases, criminal cases aim to ensure the proper functioning of society by defending basic principles, standards, and behavior.

Criminal trials are considered serious because they go beyond confrontations between the victim and the defendant but also require the presence of the accused and the prosecutor (judge), representing society’s interests at trial.

Criminal lawyers in UAE specializing in criminal law will be required to handle this type of case. Usually, the criminal law procedure involves the prosecutor (the judge) presenting the perpetrator to the court for prosecution and punishment to be imposed by the criminal court.

Using the criminal trial, a lawsuit known as a “civil lawsuit” is filed by the victim who suffers damage due to the commission of the crime.

Contact the best criminal attorneys in Dubai 2023; these are the names of the best criminal lawyers in Dubai, including law firms:

  • Attorney Younes Muhammad Al Balushi.


Location: Sobha Ivory 1, Al Amal Street, Business Bay, Dubai. Website.

  • Attorney Ibrahim Khoury.
  • Attorney Abdullah Al Zarouni.
  • Lawyer Youssef Sharif.
  • Lawyer Abdul Hakim Bin Herz.
  • Lawyer Abdul Rahman Naseeb.
  • Attorney Fatima Al-Mousa.
  • Mohammed Bin Afif Law Firm.
  • Al- Kumaiti Law Firm.
  • Faisal Al Zarouni Law Firm.
  • BAYAT Legal Services.
  • Free Lawyers, Advocates, and Legal Consultants.

Here is a list of other law firms in Dubai

  • Mohammad Al Balushi law firm.
  • Al Zubi & Partners Legal Consultants.
  • Azhari for Legal Consultants.
  • Anas and Co. Middle East LLB.
  • Motei & Associates Attorneys at Law.
  • Marina Fox For Legal Consultancy.

The role of criminal lawyers in Dubai.

As for our criminal lawyers’ main reason for their existence is to defend our clients. This is the role that our criminal lawyer plays in cases of a criminal offense since a criminal lawyer has a great deal of knowledge about the law which he can apply to defend his clients, so here at Al Balushi law firm, our criminal lawyers keen to get the best defense to the clients.

Regarding the types of criminal cases, our office lawyer’s role is to prepare and present the case in court or to mitigate the penalties the client is facing by several stages we mention:

  • The first stage of the process involves inferential reasoning – here, the criminal lawyer’s role is to provide legal advice by corrupting or fabricating evidence that is in the client’s interest.
  • Secondly, our criminal lawyer is responsible for testimony and defense during the investigation stage. The testimony is a summary of the investigation, which means that the investigation occurred in his presence and in front of him. The client was not under pressure during the investigation.

Al Balushi Lawyers ask their clients many questions during the defense process. Several possible explanations exist for these questions, including misplaced questions, threats, or promises, such as those of release. Because the felony was near-intentional or mistaken, the lawyer cannot defend the victim’s right to retribution since he wasn’t aware of the retribution rights.

  • As a third role, our lawyer plays a vital role during the trial phase, as he has the right to testify and plead on behalf of the accused if he knows the client is guilty and deserves punishment. If the lawyer knows he deserves what is less than the punishment, then the lawsuit may be dismissed as unfair or not if the legal limit has been exceeded.
  • Fourth, our lawyer’s role during the implementation phase is limited to only stating that the executive authority should prevent the quality and quantity of the judgment.

What are the duties of criminal lawyers?

As a criminal lawyer in Dubai, you can access bail bond sessions, plea negotiations, trials, annulment hearings (conditional release or probation), appeals, and remedies after conviction.

Criminal lawyers in Dubai perform the following duties as part of their career:

  • Witnesses are interviewed as he investigates the case
  • Legal research is carried out by a Dubai criminal lawyer on law and procedure as well as case law, laws, and crime codes
  • The attorney develops defense and case strategies
  • The prosecution is being challenged by a criminal lawyer in Dubai over the lower charges deal.
  • Motions for separation and motions for suppression are also presented and discussed by him
  • In the trial, the defendant was represented by a criminal lawyer in Dubai.
  • As well as drafting, filing, and appealing, he handles appeals and files any legal notice format in UAE.

We distinguish ourselves from other criminal lawyers in the UAE by the unique characteristics, qualities, and skills we bring to the table and apart from any cheap lawyers in Dubai.

The following characteristics distinguish our best criminal lawyer in UAE:

  • Criminal lawyers in the UAE have an essential duty of loyalty toward their clients.
  • They must be careful not to undermine the confidentiality and loyalty duties of our UAE Criminal Lawyers by being candid with the court and others.
  • Criminal lawyers in UAE are well acquainted with judges, prosecutors, and clients.
  • In addition, they must inform their clients about significant developments, options, and potential outcomes during their criminal cases in UAE.
  • During criminal representation, criminal lawyers in Dubai have the skills to know about future legal decisions and changes that could affect the client’s position.

We will ensure that the best advocates in Dubai respect your legal rights if you are facing a criminal case and are worried about dealing with a dishonest lawyer.

Most common questions about the best criminal lawyers in Dubai.

Here are the most common questions about criminal lawyers in Dubai and their answers.

Crimes that are considered felonies are punished either by Diyat (paying blood money) or by temporary imprisonment. The death penalty.
Client Rights Are Understandable to Them.
Rather than proving innocence, they focus on protecting rights.
There is no stone left unturned for them.
Their clients are kept in the loop at all times.
Death (capital punishment), 15 years of life imprisonment, 3-15 years of temporary imprisonment, or 1 to 3 years of confinement.

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