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The best lawyer in uae

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The UAE is known for its emerging legal industry, with a thriving market that houses some of the best lawyers and firms.

However, finding the ideal lawyer to defend you in court can be difficult, mainly if you are unfamiliar with UAE law.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss the best lawyer in UAE and advise you on choosing the finest one for your legal requirements.

Do you need assistance with your claim? Contact lawyer  Younis Mohammed Al Balushi via Whatsapp. Click here.  Address: Sobha Ivory 1 – Al Amal St – Business Bay – Dubai. Mobile: 00971589984123.

Your search for the best lawyer in UAE.

The UAE is home to every legal field imaginable. You can find the best criminal lawyers in Dubai, the best family lawyers in Dubai, the top criminal lawyers in Dubai, and much more.

For example, you can find the best lawyer in abu dhabi for you, the best lawyer in sharjah, or the best divorce lawyer Dubai.

All that and more is possible by finding the right firms and companies with lawyers in every emirate. Let’s discuss some of the top choices regarding lawyers in the UAE.

  • Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Advocates And Legal Consultants.

The United Arab Emirates Dubai is home to certified attorney Younis Mohammed Al Balushi.

He is a top lawyer in UAE, with many successful legal cases won and over a decade of experience in the legal field.

Attorney Younis Mohammed Al Balushi has a wealth of expertise defending clients in various conflicts, including commercial litigation, construction disputes, insurance claims, and international arbitration.

Moreover, he has given clients regulatory advice and helped create legislation and regulations. He’s also a member of the panel of arbitrators for the Dubai Legal Affairs Department and has served as an arbitrator in various local and international cases.

As a top lawyer in Dubai, many legal directories and periodicals, such as Chambers & Partners and Legal 500, have commended him for his work in conflict resolution.

Reach out to Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Advocates And Legal Consultants:

You can also search for other attorneys in UAE like:

  • Lawyer Essam Al Tamimi. Essam Al Tamimi is the founder and Senior Partner of Al Tamimi & Company. Specializing in corporate and commercial law, he has given clients regulatory advice and helped establish rules and regulations in the UAE.
  • Lawyer Hassan Arab. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and business restructuring. He is an expert in corporate and commercial law.
  • Jody Waugh Lawyer. He specializes in international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance and has corporate and commercial law expertise.

FAQs about the best lawyer in UAE.

It's difficult to answer this question with any certainty. It's dependent on what your legal goals are. However, we advise contacting Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Advocates And Legal Consultants since they are experts in a wide range of legal issues 00971589984123.
For attorneys, Dubai might be a good environment. It is a significant hub for global commerce, and there is a considerable need for legal services in fields including company law, real estate, banking and finance, and arbitration. You can find top lawyers in Dubai, whatever your needs are.


Choosing the best lawyer in UAE or anywhere else is tough. Still, do your homework and consider experience, knowledge, and reputation. You can improve your odds of choosing a lawyer who will best defend your interests.

Always remember that the ideal attorney for you will rely on your legal requirements, so carefully consider all your possibilities before making a choice.

We recommend you read about top law firms UAE and search for the No. 1 of the trusted law firms UAE. Check out the top list of lawyers Dubai or The best lawyers in abu dhabi.


بقلم المستشار القانوني

Legal Consultant in the office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi. A legal Consultant with a degree in law and has many legal research and articles that have been published in the most important international fields concerned with legal affairs. Such as: - Journal of the seminar for legal studies. - International Legal Journal. - Journal of Political Science and Law. He also has several case studies and cases in different disciplines: international law, criminal law, civil transaction law, commercial transaction law, and so on.The legal advisor at Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Advocates and Legal Consultants has many years of experience and a long experience in pleading before the Dubai Courts and the various courts of the United Arab Emirates.

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