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Being a safe country and providing a number of family-friendly facilities, it’s no surprise that many people choose to get married in the UAE. If you know the rules and regulations, getting married in the UAE is convenient. It is possible for both nationals and expatriates to validate a marriage in the country, but there are a number of specific requirements. We will guide you through the steps involved in a court marriage in the UAE, including the procedure and how to get the best marriage lawyers in Dubai.

Marriage lawyers in Dubai

A country generally takes care of its society and organizes relationships within it. The most crucial relationship in society is marriage, one of the most important relationships.

Due to this, the marriage lawyers in Dubai can assist you in ending your marriage in accordance with the Islamic Sharia, putting forth clear conditions and pillars by the Sharia, which you should pay attention to.

The Islamic religion recognizes marriage as a legal contract between men and women, provided the woman is not his mahram, and it is legal for him to marry.

There is no doubt that marriage is the first and most important building block for any healthy and sound society since it establishes a family and works to build it well.

Nevertheless, a person may find it difficult to complete the marriage requirements, procedures, and conditions in the United Arab Emirates efficiently because they are numerous.

The marriage lawyers in Dubai can provide him with guidance and help in completing the required procedures and helping him meet the requirements and conditions as quickly as possible.

You may be planning to get married in the United Arab Emirates soon and want one of the top marriage lawyers in Dubai who are experienced in completing the marriage procedures correctly and as quickly as possible in the United Arab Emirates.

We have marriage lawyers in Dubai who specializes in this area and are experienced in finalizing such procedures; you can ask the office of Al Balooshi Advocates and Legal Consultants for the best marriage lawyers in Dubai.

Despite the fact that all UAE marriage contracts are not the same and do not follow the same procedures, there are a few key differences.

People belonging to the Islamic religion and marrying according to Islamic law differ from foreigners whose faith is not Islamic.

In addition to the differences between UAE citizens, non-native UAE residents, and expatriates, these procedures also differ for foreigners. Quite a few Arabs and foreign business owners are relocating to the United Arab Emirates because of the current economic, urban and professional prosperity in the country.

Furthermore, there are many exceptions, such as marriages between citizens and non-nationals, the desire of Emirati citizens to marry non-nationals, or the marriage of an expatriate to the Emirates. These cases require additional conditions and procedures performed by any marriage lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai marriage lawyer’s office:

It is possible to carry out many of the procedures and requirements previously mentioned in Dubai with the help of a lawyer. In some cases, it is possible to do it without a lawyer. However, to avoid any possible mistakes, we do not recommend that individuals complete the marriage procedures independently.

Exceptions include marriages between two persons who are not Muslims, marriages between two UAE citizens, and marriages between UAE expats and non-Muslims.

If both husband and wife are Muslims, or both are non-Muslims. Depending on the circumstances, there must be marriage lawyers in Dubai in order to complete the marriage procedures because there are additional requirements and practices that are different from those for UAE citizens.

It is also necessary to have marriage lawyers in Dubai to carry out the procedures of this agency when the wife’s guardian is deceased or is not present, and he cannot be present. Under this situation, there must be an official power of attorney acting as a legal representative for him.

It is necessary to have a lawyer in Dubai if you are a resident or if you own a document or agency that is required for the marriage contract. Still, you are from another country or speaking another language than Arabic. There are many lengthy procedures involved in a marriage contract.

It is not possible for an average individual to comprehend all the requirements and legal knowledge related to obtaining, authenticating, and translating them on their own.

You should request the services of marriage lawyers in Dubai to terminate this contract based on the above. The lawyer should perform all the required procedures and requirements related to the marriage in accordance with the laws, regulations, and conditions associated with each previous case.

The office of  Al Balloshi for Advocacy and Legal Consultation is the best place to find the best marriage lawyers in Dubai to handle your wedding procedures correctly.

He has extensive experience in completing these procedures in addition to completing them quickly and resolving any problems that may arise.

Dubai court marriage fees

If you want to get married in a Dubai court, here are the steps:

  • On the Dubai Courts website, you can apply for a marriage contract.
  • Certificate fees must be paid.
  • Bring your documents to court with witnesses for a formal hearing.

Please note:

  • There are only Muslim couples who are eligible for Dubai court marriages.
  • It is mandatory for the UAE Foreign Ministry to approve any documents from the home country(ies).
  • The cost of marriage in Dubai court.

UAE Shariah Courts charge AED 220 for marriage certificates, and fees for marriage officials are not included. Non-Muslims can get married in Dubai for various prices depending on the embassy or consulate.

We at Al Balooshi law office have the best marriage lawyers in Dubai to help you in your court appearance and other legal procedures.

Getting married in Dubai

Conditions for the marriage of citizens in Dubai:

For the marriage contract for Dubai citizens to be concluded, there are several conditions that must be met, and they are verified by marriage lawyers in Dubai:

  • The requirement that a person is eligible to marry. Marriage contracts cannot be signed by someone under eighteen in the United Arab Emirates without a judge’s permission.
  • Neither forced nor arranged marriages are practiced, and the woman’s consent is required for a marriage to be finalized.
  • To end a marriage, the woman’s guardian must consent, regardless of whether she is at least 18 years old.
  • Traditionally, Muslim marriages are performed outside the judicial district, performed by the legal authority who must attend the marriage ceremony.
  • To have the marriage contract signed, the husband must communicate with the Judicial Department in Dubai, complete and attach the marriage contract form to all the appropriate paperwork and documents, and then give it to the official outside.
  • To be eligible for marriage, you must submit a health fitness certificate issued by a medical center approved by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention.
  • Send a copy of the marriage certificate, along with a copy of the wife’s guardian’s identity.
  • The marriage fees are paid at the end.
  • Foreigners must pay 20,000 dirhams in advance for their marriage contract, and the maximum dowry is 50,000 dirhams for nationals.

The following seven provisions apply to marriages between expats and citizens:

  • To marry a resident, an in-service husband must obtain permission from the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces or, if he is affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, approval from the Ministry.
  • The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces must grant permission to the wife if she wishes to marry a resident of the state.
  • Emirati women must receive the consent of their guardians before marrying expats.
  • To be eligible for marriage, an Emirati woman must not have acquired UAE citizenship through dependency.
  • An Emirati woman cannot marry a stateless expatriate.
  • Emirati women are only permitted to marry expats with proof of their legal residency.
  • To marry an Emirati woman, an expat must submit a certificate of good conduct attestation from private authorities in the Emirates.

Getting married in Dubai for foreigners

The following procedures are for expatriates who want to get married in Dubai :

  • Despite their nationalities and religions, UAE residents can perform marriage contracts according to civil law, regardless of nationality or religion.
  • In order to achieve this, a set of conditions and procedures must be followed. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, if you are a Syrian and wish to get married, there are no special conditions for Syrians to marry, whereas residents of the Emirates of different nationalities and sects have other conditions and procedures for getting married.
  • Consequently, non-Muslim residents (what is known as civil marriage) need to take into account the following procedures and conditions to ensure a successful marriage contract:
  • The woman must consent to the marriage before it can be concluded. Neither forced nor coerced marriages exist.
  • United Arab Emirates visas are required for at least one of the parties wishing to marry.
  • Each spouse must bring and present his or her identity card and passport.
  • For the two people wishing to marry, a medical examination report must be obtained, verifying that the two are in good health and neither has a contagious disease or hereditary blood disorder. As well as completing the form approved by the Ministry of Health, this medical report must be issued by a government hospital in the UAE.

The Conditions  for Muslim expats in Dubai in order to get married :

In order for a marriage contract between a Muslim expat and a non-Muslim expat to be concluded, the following conditions must be met:

  • Muslims under eighteen cannot enter marriage contracts in the United Arab Emirates without the judge’s approval.
  • No marriage is forced on a woman; she must consent.
  • Women may not get married unless their guardian’s consent, regardless of whether they are adults or not.
  • The diplomatic authority representing the country of the woman’s home country must approve a Muslim woman of a non-Muslim father.
  • A judge must approve an age difference between the husband and wife that is not twice that of the wife.
  • The divorce contract or death certificate of the former husband should be submitted by the divorced or widowed woman as proof of this.

The office of lawyer Al Balooshi for Advocates and Legal Consultants can assist you if you reside in the United Arab Emirates and need to hire one of the top marriage lawyers in Dubai for your marriage procedures, whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim.

Our marriage lawyers in Dubai at the Al Balooshi office have extensive experience completing these procedures in a short period of time.

In everyone’s lives, getting married is one of the most important things that he or she can do in order to make their dreams come true. A commitment to live a life together as well as to share a life with someone is also a commitment between two people.

As difficult as it may seem to get married in a foreign country, the Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has a team of extremely helpful staff that will make things as easy as possible.

Our legal firm of Al Balooshi offers legal assistance to individuals who still want to get help from the premium marriage lawyers in Dubai, so if you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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