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Specialist family lawyer Dubai

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As a result of amending Federal Law No (28) of 2005 AD, UAE legislators organized the legal provisions related to persons. In this article, you will read about family lawyer Dubai and Al Balushi law firm that provides the best legal consultant in Dubai.

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Family lawyer Dubai.

Legislators in the UAE focused on the importance of individuals and families when drafting Federal Law No. (28) of 2005 AD. Consequently, he aimed for a single legal framework capable of organizing all individual relationships and their legal effects. Those living within the United Arab Emirates and citizens are subject to it.

As a result, he ensured the advancement of a society where the law prevails, with justice and rights guaranteed to their owners. Several issues directly affected families and their members that were covered under the law. A specialist family lawyer in Dubai may be needed for the following:

  • The engagement.
  • Marriage and its general provisions (to be a legitimate, legal spouse).
  • Divorce, the types that fall under it, and the legal effects related to each class.
  • The legal consequences of divorce (child custody and its provisions – expenses, conditions, and amounts).
  • Legal requirements related to eligibility, guardianship, absentee, and missing persons.

As a result, a personal status lawyer in Dubai is needed who will devote all his efforts to providing legal advice to the client to achieve the best result possible.

Due to the direct connection between personal status law and individuals’ daily lives and family relationships, they are among the most common court cases. Aiming to be one of the best law firms in Dubai, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi’s office was committed to achieving legal leadership.

Furthermore, it is equipped with the highest level of legal expertise, academic certificates, and practical experience, enabling it to take action in family law matters (Divorce, marriage, alimony lawsuit, custody, will, inheritance, and legacies).

Marriage lawyers in Dubai.

In marriage transactions, this matter (marriage documentation) is most common. However, individuals need a family lawyer’s office in Dubai or a family lawyer’s number in Dubai for other reasons.

A family lawyer Dubai can also assist the parties in the following areas:

  • Marriage contract terms that exceed the legal requirements for the adequacy or the associated legal problem.
  • Marriage announcement and documentation procedures in the competent court guarantee both parties’ rights.
  • Because it is considered a debt owed to the husband and a right of the woman to dispose of it as she wishes according to the law, the dowry and related issues are a matter of concern.
  • An application for a housing case is filed due to the legal aspect of cohabitation and the necessity of a suitable dwelling.

The best divorce lawyer in Dubai.

Divorce is one of the most common personal status cases where both parties seek legal consultation from a family lawyer in Dubai—legally authorizing him to finalize divorce proceedings or obtain legal advice.

By the law in UAE, divorce is approved if it occurs directly between the spouses, at the spouse’s request, or if a legal agency initiates it by an extraordinary power of attorney.

According to the UAE legal system, there are several types of divorce:

  • Khul’. A mutual consent divorce wherein the wife provides an allowance/compensation to the husband as a condition for the divorce.
  • Separation occurs because one of the parties to the marriage has a defect that prevents the marriage from being completed.
  • Separation is because one spouse deceives the other party into entering the contract.
  • Separation can also occur if one of the parties is sterile, has an infectious disease, or dies.
  • Infidelity or treason can lead to separation.

The most common questions in family lawyer Dubai.

Here are the most common questions and answers regarding our article.

In Dubai, Younes al Balushi has been practicing family law for nearly 15 years, making him one of the foremost family lawyers in the UAE.
It is not mandatory, but you may hire a lawyer for the proceedings. Court proceedings are conducted in Arabic, but a translator is provided. The UAE judiciary would assign the task of resolving a family dispute between spouses to the Family Guidance Committee if one spouse violated the duties.

We recommend hiring the best family lawyers Dubai or consulting a family dispute lawyer UAE. You can also read about marriage lawyers in Dubai and divorce lawyers in Dubai.

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