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labour lawyers in Dubai

Who are the labour lawyers in dubai?

 Like many other nations, Dubai has a complicated and dynamic labour law system regulating interactions between companies and employees.  Dubai labour attorneys are essential in advising and defending both employers and employees in labour and employment-related legal disputes.The need for labour attorneys has greatly grown due to Dubai’s fast development as a major international commercial […]

limited contract resignation UAE 2022

In the last fifty years, the United Arab Emirates has experienced tremendous development, creating fertile work environments for locals and expatriates alike. As well as regulating labor relations in both sectors with regulation laws at the level of each emirate, the UAE has enacted a resignation law at the union level for all nationals, including […]

When to bet on a work accident lawyer?

Nobody wants to deal with a workplace accident, but accidents can happen anywhere. If you’re working abroad, the laws and regulations regarding work accidents can be even more confusing. That’s why seeking legal assistance is essential if you find yourself in this unfortunate position. An injury lawyer can help you navigate these tricky waters and […]

Know your rights | Labour Court Dubai

Let’s cut to the chase. You’ve been working at your company for over a year and have not signed a contract yet. You have also not been paid for your overtime services. Your boss is unfair and aggressive almost all the time, and you are constantly under stress. So, what do you do? Where should […]

Lawyers specializing in employment law

In this decade, the number of legal services has increased drastically in Dubai because of the large number of new businesses and companies that opened their work or organizations that have expanded their assets in this country. This article introduces you to lawyers specializing in employment law, which every worker or employer looks for to […]

Lawyers in Dubai for labour law

Lawyers in Dubai for labour law provide legal consultation, specializing in labor disputes and setting the necessary preventive measures to prevent problems between workers and employers. They resolve all labor issues by law. Are you looking for legal advice concerning labor issues in the UAE? Al Balooshi Legal Office for Advocacy and Legal Consultations can […]

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