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Our Services

Younis Muhammad Al-Balushi’s law firm offers a range of services from criminal law to labor law to employment, personal status law to banking, and financial services to corporate law. Our services are provided by establishing unique long-term relationships with our clients through adopting great long-term relationships. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of your challenges. In this regard, we adhere to the legal professional quality standard.

Through our services page, we are pleased to introduce you to our law firm, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, a Dubai law firm that specializes in providing comprehensive legal services by Sharia and the UAE legal system, so I am delighted to welcome you to our firm.

Issues with personal status.

Our office is proud and honored to provide the most critical provisions in personal status law in Dubai, such as (family, marriage, divorce, marriages of foreigners, and inheritance), which are from the office of lawyer Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, where you will find the distinctive legal procedures in dealing with personal status issues.

Dubai divorce lawyers.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, some couples are forced to resort to divorce, and it is the role of a Dubai divorce lawyer to ensure that these procedures are followed in a legal manner that protects both parties.

The best way to do this is to engage a highly qualified divorce lawyer with extensive experience, as Younes Muhammad Al Balushi provides practical guidance and representation before the judicial authorities. In addition, it also provides the option of settling the case amicably between spouses by mutual consent. To avoid resorting to court procedures, divorced spouses may be allowed to reflect on their decisions through negotiation or mediation.

Marriage of foreigners.

Marriages of foreigners are subject to different laws and procedures from one country to another. According to UAE law, ordinary people and non-specialists may have difficulty following the proper legal guidelines. To complete the marriage and document it legally, it is essential to seek the help of an experienced personal status lawyer.

Our law firm, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, in Dubai, specializes in marriage affairs and marriage procedures and completing them using facilitated methods per personal status laws and policies. In addition to helping you complete marriage procedures, we prepare necessary documents and arrange court appointments.

Lawyers to handle alimony cases.

The Emirates, Personal Status Law, requires a well-versed lawyer to handle alimony cases since alimony includes provisions for housing, food, drinks, clothing, and every other daily expense.

The husband is legally obligated to provide for the wife and children, so the wife is entitled to alimony. If the marriage contract is invalid, the wife is not a Muslim, or other reasons arise, the wife may waive alimony.

Providing you with all the facilities to resolve your case quickly and thoughtfully and by UAE legal frameworks, the office of lawyer Younis Muhammad Al Balushi serves you. We’re happy to help you with your issue.

Resolving nursery issues.

As one of the best law firms in the United Arab Emirates for personal status cases, including custody cases, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi’s office is regarded as one of the best. Custody of the child after divorce requires a high level of responsibility and awareness toward the foster child to ensure he or she receives the care they need. Moreover, these conditions must also be met by the custodian or custodian, as stipulated in Articles 143 and 144 of the UAE Personal Status Law:

  1. Mentally healthy custodians are needed.
  2. A mature person.
  3. Securing it is essential.
  4. Foster parents must be able to raise, maintain, and care for the foster child.
  5. As well as being healthy and free of infectious diseases, the incubator must also be clean.
  6. He must not have been convicted of display crimes previously.
  7. Custodians who are men must have a suitable wife, and if the child is female, a relative who is mahram must be available.
  8. Custodial mothers cannot be married to foreigners and differ in religion with the child in custody unless the court determines it is in the child’s best interest.

Dealing with Penal issues.

To effectively deal with criminal proceedings in the United Arab Emirates, hiring a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of this law is essential, as it contains provisions and rules derived from Islamic law.

In terms of UAE Criminal Law, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Law Firm is competent in all kinds of criminal cases.

We have the proper legal method to represent clients in various drug cases, and according to UAE law, drug crimes can result in imprisonment for four years or more.

This law covers a wide range of crimes. The lawyer, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi, is constantly updated on cybercrime law, allowing him to handle any case.

Several types of crimes fall under the framework of criminal law in the United Arab Emirates, including electronic crimes, drugs, and alcohol consumption. However, several other crimes fall under criminal law, including drunk driving, financial crimes, fraud, theft, sexual crimes, and juvenile crimes. Therefore, we can provide court legal results in all criminal cases due to our deep knowledge and extensive experience.

Legal advice about Civil cases.

Using the best law firm in the United Arab Emirates, we can provide you with all the legal advice you may need in various civil cases, the most important of which are:

  1. Clients that have drafted and negotiated contracts with Younis Muhammad Al-Balushi, where he prepares and reviews various agreements and represents them before judicial bodies.
  2. Medical and engineering professionals are compensated for their professional work.
  3. Every time there is a psychological or moral injury.
  4. In addition, accidents are also a concern.
  5. Compensation can be awarded whenever a contract is terminated or a contractual obligation is breached.

It is, therefore, necessary for the plaintiff to submit all the required documents before submitting a lawsuit to the case management office of the court, which requires the assistance of a lawyer with extensive civil case experience from the law firm of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi in Dubai, as we are well-versed in all requirements regarding the preservation of all client rights honestly and transparently.

Resolving real estate issues.

A dispute between real estate investors, contractors, or any other party involved in real estate investment is resolved by the Office of Younis Mohammed Al Balushi in the Real Estate Cases Department.

As a real estate lawyer, Younis Muhammad Al Balushi provides legal assistance to a client to achieve their interests, and this is certainly evident in the office of Younis Muhammad Al Balushi for Law Firm and Legal Consultation through an experienced real estate lawyer who has handled all kinds of real estate disputes, including the most complex and challenging.

Younis Mohammed Al Balushi’s office can present you with a simplified presentation of our most important real estate services through our article:

  1. Furthermore, our real estate services include verifying, transferring, and registering the property’s ownership, situations where the property contract is not written, and where a court order is obtained to report it and confirm the transfer of ownership and rights.
  2. When real estate disputes arise, a real estate lawyer provides guidance and legal advice for various forms of real estate disputes at any stage of the investment process. Additionally, we resolve conflicts between tenants and owners. The contractor and investor may also disagree, so we resolve these disputes.
  3. A thorough understanding of negotiation processes (sale or purchase contracts), ensuring their drafting, reviewing the rental value of commercial real estate assets, and negotiating lease renewals.
  4. Our services in real estate cases at the Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Law Firm in Dubai are most notable for their comprehensiveness, legal accuracy, and credibility in dealing with our clients, and this is a guarantee for our clients that they will be able to overcome any real estate issue and get results by UAE legal frameworks.

Legal services for business issues.

A pioneer in commercial law and a deep understanding of corporate laws and provisions allows us to provide the highest quality legal services in the Emirates. We have pioneering retail law experience and know all corporate law details. As a result, Our services provide trustworthy legal advice to large, medium, and small companies.

Our services in the commercial cases department include the following:

  1. The establishment of professional commercial and industrial companies and the registration of commercial agencies.
  2. Aside from agreement and commercial arrangements, approvals from government authorities are assisted.
  3. Ensure all contracts of companies, agencies and trademarks are documented, registered, and published.
  4. Licenses and intellectual property rights are protected and registered.
  5. Assisting in the establishment of public and private shareholding commercial companies.
  6. He defends his clients’ cases according to sound legal principles in the Emirates in domestic and international commercial arbitration.
  7. Taking the necessary legal steps for commercial companies to liquidate and bankrupt themselves if they wish to merge.

Additionally, our commercial services are represented by lawyer Younis Muhammad Al Balushi, who provides legal opinions and prepares foreign investment contracts for investors. Furthermore, Our services offer legal advice to avoid double taxation and defend our clients against it.

Maritime issues and international trade.

With a wealth of experience in maritime cases and maritime navigation rules, the law office of Lawyer Younis Muhammad Al Balushi is distinguished in the field of legal services.

This understanding of the law allows us to deal with issues such as ship seizure and grievances from attack, as well as take legal measures to ensure that ships are released according to local and international maritime legislation governing shipbuilding and buying and selling crafts.

Furthermore, ships can finance goods, transport them, settle disputes over marine insurance, and sometimes claim compensation for damaged goods.

Agreements and contracts.

The Younis Muhammad Al-Balushi Law Firm has a department that drafts contracts and agreements because their accurate registration is essential in business transactions, as permanent relationships result from them.

Therefore, the specialized lawyer team drafts and reviews contracts and agreements based on a comprehensive evaluation of the terms and structure. Based on careful evaluation, we suggest solutions and recommend changes in words for the benefit of our clients.

The goal of our services in agreements and contracts is to ensure that our client’s interests are protected by creating customized arrangements free of legal loopholes. This is by the grace of God and our expertise in drafting contracts and agreements in compliance with UAE law.

To obtain legal advice from the Department of Drafting Contracts and Agreements by a professional lawyer in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, call the number designated for Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Law Firm.

With the help of Al Balushi Law Firm for Advocates and Legal Consultations, Younis Mohammed Al Balushi Law Firm for Advocates and Legal Consultations offers clients the best possible legal services to satisfy their needs, realize their aspirations, and keep their interests protected.

Q&A about our services in Al Balushi Law Firm.

Our office is proud and honored to provide the most critical provisions in personal status law in Dubai, such as (family, marriage, divorce, marriages of foreigners, and inheritance).
As a real estate lawyer, Younis Muhammad Al Balushi provides legal assistance to a client to achieve their interests.
Custody of the child after divorce requires a high level of responsibility and awareness toward the foster child to ensure he or she receives the care they need.
Younis Muhammad Al-Balushi’s law firm offers a range of services from criminal law to labor law to employment, personal status law to banking, and financial services to corporate law.


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