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limited contract resignation UAE 2022

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In the last fifty years, the United Arab Emirates has experienced tremendous development, creating fertile work environments for locals and expatriates alike. As well as regulating labor relations in both sectors with regulation laws at the level of each emirate, the UAE has enacted a resignation law at the union level for all nationals, including expatriates.

Many workers in the United Arab Emirates are seeking details about UAE labor law after resigning since the UAE has a number of laws that govern work there. We will examine the UAE labor law in detail during the contract and acceptance of resignation, as well as the most important conditions for limited contract resignation UAE 2022 and how an employment contract is terminated.

In this article, we will also discuss the termination of the employment limited contract resignation UAE 2022.

Limited contract resignation UAE 2022

Job applications and obtaining them do not require major procedures because entering the workplace is easier than leaving it. However, limited contract resignation UAE 2022 requires certain legal procedures that ensure the worker’s rights are protected and the employer’s interests are protected.

Because of this, labor laws have come to regulate this relationship, especially when a worker leaves, whether through resignation or otherwise.

Our labor lawyers at Al Balooshi’s office will guarantee you that you will get your full rights regardless of the resignation.

According to UAE law, a worker who decides to resign from his job, whether he works for the government or for a private company, must follow the following procedure:

Firstly, the UAE Government Sector’s Resignation Law:

The Abu Dhabi Human Resources Law No. 6 of 2016 stipulates, as an example, how a government employee must resign (articles 80-81) as follows:

  • A resignation letter is submitted by the employee.
  • Within thirty days of his resignation being submitted, the administration must respond.
  • Acceptance of the resignation is determined by the administration’s decision or by the absence of a response within thirty days.
  • If an employee does not receive notification of the resignation decision within thirty days, he must continue to work.
  • Upon leaving his service, the employee may be allowed to remain in the custody of the government entity for a period not exceeding two months in order to deliver what is in his possession, and a reward equal to his total salary will be paid for the period.

Second – The Law of Resignation of Workers in the Private Sector in the Emirates:

In the UAE, resignations are regulated by Federal Decree No. 33 of 2021, published in January 2022, which governs national workers and expatriate workers (foreigners).

It was not explicitly stipulated in the UAE Labor Law that limited contract resignation UAE 2022 could be expressed, as it is stipulated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Human Resources Law, but it can be inferred from Article 117 in the chapter on termination of employment contracts, which states in its first paragraph:

  • As long as both the employer and employee do not notify the other party in writing at least thirty days before termination of the employment contract, it is permissible for both parties to terminate the employment contract for an indefinite period, for a valid reason, and at some later date the contract may be terminated).
  • Taking this article into account, we conclude that UAE resignation law stipulates that workers with unlimited-term contracts have the right to request termination of the contract (i.e., resigning), provided that the reason is legitimate, and that the resignation request is submitted thirty days before the termination date.

Private sector resignation conditions

The UAE Labor Law of 2022 stipulates that an employment contract may be terminated at the will of either the employer or employee by giving the other a written warning.

Based on the limited contract resignation uae 2022 letter from the worker, we can derive the conditions for the resignation of the worker in the private sector in accordance with UAE resignation law, which is:

  • An unlimited-term contract must govern the worker’s relationship with the employer. Contracts with fixed terms expire at the end of the agreed-upon period if the worker does not renew them.
  • Despite a written warning from the UAE legislator, the worker must submit his resignation in writing.
  • Legitimate reasons must be given for the resignation. Employees who abuse their right to resign, such as submitting them during a time when it seriously harms the employer’s interests, can have their resignations rejected and postponed.
  • A 30-day written warning is required before a worker can resign (leave the company).
  • As long as the worker continues to work during the warning period, the work contract does not expire, and the worker is entitled to his wages during that period.
  • Neither an exemption from nor reduction in the requirement of a written warning to the worker or employer is permitted. However, the period can be extended beyond 30 days.

Limited contract resignation after 1 year

If you have a limited contract with your employer in the UAE, you may be wondering what your options are if you want your limited contract resignation UAE 2022 after just one year. While it is possible to resign from a limited contract resignation UAE 2022 before the end of the term, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For starters, your employer may require you to give notice in accordance with the terms of your contract. This means that if your contract stipulates that you must give two weeks’ notice, you will need to do so before you can officially resign.

Additionally, you may be required to pay a fee for resigning before the end of your contract. This fee is typically one month’s salary, but it can vary depending on your employer’s policy.

If you’re thinking of resigning from your limited contract in the UAE, be sure to check the terms of your contract first. This will help you avoid any potential penalties or fees. Also, make sure to consult our labor expert team at Al Balooshi law firm regarding your contract.

Limited contract resignation during probation

UAE labor contracts have a probationary period, or as it is called in UAE labor law, a probationary period that enables the employee to try out their abilities and work before being officially assigned to a permanent and full-time position.

Both employees and employers are guaranteed their rights since the employee tests out whether he likes the work. The company evaluates whether or not the employee meets the performance requirements.

Employers and employees can both use the probationary period to decide whether to continue the hiring process after the probationary period. You can contact one of our labor lawyers to negotiate your contract terms with your employer.

The probationary period in the UAE labor law

There are several laws regulating the probationary period for new employees that have limited contract resignation UAE 2022.

UAE labor laws and regulations govern the probationary period for new employees, according to the Ministry of Labor.

Maximum trial period in the UAE

Listed below is the UAE Labor Law Article 37 of 1980 which states the maximum probation period for employees is six months.

Employees on probation may be terminated for a period of not more than six months without warning by the employer, who does not have to pay an end-of-service gratuity. It is necessary to count this period of service.

The company must pay all his dues if he is terminated after working for more than six months, and he must be compensated if he is terminated.

Termination of the employment contract during the probationary period without notice

A probationary limited contract resignation UAE 2022 can be terminated by the employer at any time and without any compensation or rights.

In accordance with Article No. 120 of the UAE Labor Law, employers have the right to terminate probationary employment contracts without warning if employees do not meet the work requirements during the probationary period.

The company has the right to terminate employees’ services without compensation or any financial obligations.

As a result of his failure to complete the period stipulated by the UAE Labor Law, termination of the employee’s contract before the expiration of the probationary period of a maximum of six months does not mean that the employee is entitled to claim any of his rights during the probationary period in the private sector.

If the employee is terminated or dismissed during the probationary period in the UAE employment contract, the employee is not responsible for the cost of the work visa.

The probationary period ministry of labor

During the probationary period, can the worker leave work? Employees are advised to review the employment contract thoroughly before submitting a request to resign from work during the probationary period. In the UAE, employees are allowed to leave work during the probationary period without warning.

According to Article 121 of the UAE Labor Law, an employee may also resign without warning his employer in two circumstances:

  • There may be instances where the employer violates any of the employee’s rights stipulated in the contract, law or the articles of employment of the employee
  • In the event that the employer or his legal representative assaults the employee in the course of their duties

UAE labor law resignation limited

As the weaker party in the employment contract between worker and employer is the worker, the Emirati legislator has tried to give the worker as many rights as possible through this law.

We will discuss the procedures for submitting resignations in this paragraph in accordance with the UAE Labor Law No. 33 of 2021, which is in force as of 2/2/2022.

Separating between resignations submitted under fixed-term contracts from resignations submitted under unlimited-term contracts.

The following procedures should be followed when resigning from a contract with a fixed term:

  • Fixed-term contracts in the UAE are not explicitly designed to allow resignation in the event of resignation.
  • Generally, fixed-term contracts have a duration of no more than a year, so the worker can easily remain committed to it until it expires.

Article 38 of the UAE Labor Law stipulates that fixed-term contracts should not exceed four years.

But what happens if the contract lasts more than one year (for instance, three or four years)?

In the process of implementing a contract, circumstances arose that prevented the employee from fulfilling his commitments. Would he be entitled to resign?

If the contract provides him with the right to resign for an unlimited period, then he is free to do so. As a result, a fixed-term contract would be the most appropriate place for it to be submitted.

According to Article 113 of the UAE Labor Law, the first paragraph of a contract will be terminated regardless of whether the contract is fixed-term or indefinite-term.

According to this written agreement, the parties can terminate the work contract at any time by writing, without any conditions or considerations, and the worker’s signature functions as a resignation.

Having discussed the most important details of UAE labor law in the event of limited contract resignation uae 2022, it is important to emphasize that the individual must confirm the company he will work for before resigning.

As a result, anyone seeking employment or employment in the UAE must verify that the company has a physical location. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Al Balooshi’s law firm to discuss your concerns regarding your job contract.

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